Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sharing Gratitude

Laurel Regan's blog "Alphabet Salad" features a gratitude challenge today, so I gave some thought to the topic.

1. When you live an intentionally frugal life, you have fewer bills, which means fewer worries about finances.

2. The economy has undergone a lot of improvement since 2008, despite all the naysayers.

3. Despite continuing health challenges, my beloved and I are still standing.

4. I had to hoe the weeds today, and I was healthy and energetic enough to do the whole front yard in about an hour.

5. I have been able to support friends in their artistic, activist and personal lives this month by purchasing their work or contributing to their causes without doing harm to my own bottom line.

6. My ability and desire to write and create is returning.

7. I got my tax papers pulled together. Yes, that is a big thing to be grateful about, since in previous years I either forgot to keep things or didn't turn them in on time.

8. I addressed and signed cards to be sent out to friends, a return to something I used to do all the time: send real mail.

9. I have completed two blog posts in a row for two different blogs this year. Both have been dormant for almost two years.

10. I have successfully gotten through another day above ground. ;)

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