Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Foolin': It's a Mini Garden

Yesterday, I planted the Roma tomato seedlings that I started indoors two months ago. They had finally gotten their second set of leaves, and the weather has been very warm lately, even at night. I started them in cut-down 2-liter soda bottles, which you can see at "Gardening by Accident."

By the time I finished digging the three holes, positioning the containers, back-filling the holes and creating the berms, the light was wrong for photos, so I took a few snapshots this morning. I will document the mini garden throughout the month, so keep checking back at least once a week.

Because Arizona is so dry and has such poor soil, and because all my gardening experience has been in high-humidity areas with good tilth, I am using these seedlings as an experiment. If they die, I'll try something else. I planted them against the wall that separates our yard from the neighbors, under the three palm trees. Between the bird droppings and the stuff that has fallen from the trees, there is some actual soil there underneath the 4 inches of granite gravel that composes our side yard. I'm hoping the palms shade the tomatoes from the worst of the midday sun, while allowing them to get enough sun in the morning and afternoon.

Roma seedlings in soda-bottle oasis by Jack V. Sage, March 31, 2011